Standard Glass


Our professional glass cutters can custom cut glass in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and tints. We strive to give both unsurpassed product and pricing with all of our orders, from the complex UV Bonded table to a single piece of window pane.  For the more complex orders, we always consult with you on your glass needs and customize the product to reflect your personal aesthetic.  For the simpler orders, we make sure to show all of the options available to you and we uphold speedy fabrication times.  Because of our new automated cutting table, same day window glass cutting in even larger quantities is now offered. Glass polishing and table top beveling services are also provided in-house.

  • Shower & Tub – custom frameless & framed
  • Glass Table Tops & Shelving
  • Insulated Glass Replacement
  • Safety Glass
  • Window Glass