Standard Glass

Glass Samples

When our onsite Estimators meet with you, they come fully equipped with glass and hardware samples, and catalogs so you can fully explore the range of our products and services. Here are just a few examples of the scope of what we offer:


From the basic flat polish to the double chamfeur, our in-house machinery has the capabilities that allow you customize the edge profile of your glass top, shelf or mirror.

Glass Textures & Tints:

Glass Texture & Tint Samples

From the classic look of GlueChip glass, to the art deco aesthetic of Satin Etch Dots and the cool contemporary of Reeded, we offer a comprehensive range of patterns and colors so you can find the most perfect piece for your door, window or cabinetry.

Custom Sandblasted Glass:

Custom Sandblasted Glass Samples

If you cannot find that “just right” pattern for you project, consider a truly unique acquisition in custom etched glass. Entirely created and dictated by you (with a little help from our CAD artist), we can sand-blast any name, symbol, pattern or artistic representation in your glass. The ultimate in personalization—consider the glass your “blank canvas” as you can truly express your aesthetic in this art form.

UV Bonding:

UV Bonding Samples

Custom ultraviolet bonded glass is awe-inspiring. Like custom sand-blasted glass, it is as personalized and unique as you can get in a glass product–only kicked up to the next three-dimensional level. Once again the product is created and dictated by you; we can build boxes, furniture, and impressive structures. We can bond shelves to mirrors and to walls so that they appear to be floating off their counterpart. No bulky hardware is used, no holes drilled, and no messy silicone that becomes cloudy over time. The joints are seamless and crystal clear, and the bond between the joints is permanent and stronger than the glass itself.

Developed by Bohle Industries in Germany, we were personally trained by “Big Frank,” a glass engineer who is part of their research and development team for the UV bonding process as well as the line of Silberschnitt tools for expert glass cutting and breaking (which we are also fully trained in). Bonding glass by ultraviolet light is not a simple “1, 2, and you’re done” process. There are multiple steps involved: determining which combinations of UV adhesives and solutions to use, meticulously preparing the glass surface, bonding the pieces together and then curing joints within a specific time limit. The final product is well worth the endeavor—a piece more pristine than we ever thought possible, with bonded joints that have an immeasurable strength and an unlimited lifespan. With UV bonded glass the possibilities are endless.